1980's Cassette Reviews

Very interesting'.

Sir Tim White Music Lyricist.

'It is a fantastic concept and extremely entertaining'.

Tony Kysh /Producer/Director Tyne Tees Television.

'It's an ambitious project I would urge you to contact some theartre agents with a view of turning this into a stage play'.

Stephen Garrette Commissioning Editor Channel Four Television'

'Production quality on this one is exellent. It wasn't actually written on an Amiga though, but it is so good that we thought it deserves a mentioin'.

CU Amiga magazine.

Jonny Trunk Cassette Review

'I have come across your amazing recording called Galactic Nightmare. It's a most impressive piece of work and I agree with the review in CU Amiga Magazine. I have listened to it many times and I love it. I would like to put it out on a vinyl LP'.

Jonny Trunk trunkrecords.com

Galactic Nightmare Prime

Alan Jefferson