By Stok J Ohner,  Showbiz Reporter.

A spokesperson for Lucasy Film when asked if they new anything about the alien transmission stated that it’s nothing to do with them and definitely not a publicity stunt for more Droid Wars films. This has been cynically suggested by the anti Lucasy brigade ( not a view held here at THE DAILY NEWS - ed ).


Are we being kept in the dark?

           EXCLUSIVE by Jenson Frefala,  Political Editor

Quizzed on the existence of extra terrestrial transmissions from space,a Government spokesperson stated that he new nothing about it and that it was probably a hoax as the likelihood of it being true were a trillion to one against! ‘There would be more chance of the Chancellor abolishing income tax’ joked the spokesperson.


THE DAILY NEWS wants answers. Why are we being kept in the dark over this historic message from space. We intend to find out  why the Government is not revealing what it knows. You the electorate deserves to know and THE DAILY NEWS will not stop until answers have been given.


Dr. Larson has been traced to his home near Cambridge, but says he has no comment to make.

What they Could look like!

The physical appearance of extra terrestrials has always fascinated people for many years. Here we have an artist’s impression of what many people claim to have seen, or had contact with.

Artist impression of  Gregory Lucasy

Lucasy and ILAMI the Company he formed to produce the special effects for the Droid  Wars films, are busy working on other Droid Wars related projects. These include a TV series and transforming the Droid Wars films for showing in 3 D, without special glasses!


In the wake of continued media speculation on the alien transmission from space, the Government has issued this statement; ‘ We applaud the British public’s reaction to the report of an alien transmission from space. The people were obviously fascinated but not panicked by it! ’. Privately the Prime Minister is thought to be furious that this secret report has been leaked and has ordered a top level internal investigation to find out who is responsible. The PM speaking in the Commons at Prime Ministers question time said today that he would be introducing further laws to crack down on what he called, irresponsible reporting of unsubstantiated facts in the gutter press!’

These unsubstantiated reports of an alien transmission from space could have caused wide spread panic in the streets”, he angrily stated, while banging the dispatch box with his fist to emphasise the point! In response the opposition leader caused uproars of laughter when he said; “ this so called leak was purposely disclosed to the press to take the peoples minds from the PM’s incompetent running of the Country. We can only hope that E.T. will beam the PM up and away from the Planet and save the Nation from more of his diabolical blunders! ”


STOP PRESS: France says that unless the message is in the French language they are not interested!

Galactic Nightmare Prime

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