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EXCLUSIVE by Jenson Frefala, Political Editor

 THE DAILY NEWS has received a leaked Government report on the existence of extra terrestrial transmissions from space!


These ‘messages from space’ are said to have been intercepted by the UK Blexley Hill radio telescope near Cambridge England. Blexley Hill is controversially, because of the huge expense many in the astronomical fraternity believe, should be used for more important work, one of the few radio telescopes in the world being used primarily for scanning the heavens for extra terrestrial intelligence.  Using recently installed low level signal amplifiers the radio telescope has detected some weak transmissions from space! These signals are believed to be badly corrupted and degraded by interstellar space background noise, so de-coding any message could be impossible. Because of this the coded transmissions have been secretly sent to a top cipher expert  believed to be Dr. Larson Bsc, Professor of computer sciences at Cambridge university for de-coding.                 More on this sensational story later!


Top cipher expert Dr. Larson  Professor of computer sciences at Cambridge university is not available for interviews as he is on a leave of absence from his lecturing duties, we were told by the university secretary.


Stok J Ohner, Showbiz Reporte

Have Ex.Ts. Returned? We asked a representative for Sven Spelbergen with regard to the alien transmission. “ No. And It’s not a sequel to Ex.Ts.  As far as Spelbergen is concerned The Extra Terrestrials are staying home!”

Spelbergen found working on his next project using motion capture to be“ liberating, daunting and breathtaking. ’

Galactic Nightmare Prime

Artist impression of  Spelbergen

Galactic Nightmare new prologue story, Daily News Ed 1            Alien contact front page.