Extra Terrestrial !

EXCLUSIVE by Rona Neals, Editor,

A fully decoded picture from Dr. Larson. It clearly shows a alien being remarkably similar to ourselves. This dramatic picture proves the existence of another race and that we are not alone in the Universe!

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Still silence from the Government.

The Daily News have tried to get a minister to answer our questions on this message from space but none were available to comment. They are either on holiday or hard at work, working out their expense claims!

Vinyl comeback!

By Stok. J. Ohner,  

Showbiz Reporter.

After years of declining sales in vinyl records the medium has made a dramatic comeback in popularity! Some vinyl pressing plants are having difficulty in keeping up with demand and have a 7 month waiting list to supply orders.

The humble 12’’ LP has become popular again with the music buying public is the better sounding quality many believe to the CD versions.

The physical holding of a 12’’ LP, it’ sleeve and the large artwork on the cover is also a major factor.

The CD has declined in popularity due to digital downloading, but the latte

does not have the physical presence of a LP record, even though they are cheap and convenient.

Recording artists have long complained of loss of income due to the free digital playing/downloading and piracy on the Internet.

A spokesperson for the record industry stated that the rise in popularity if vinyl  could lead to more creative music being made again as it would become more worthwhile for artists to spend time and money to do so. ‘’Vinyl records can’t be downloaded!’’

This remains to be seen though as the buying public have got used to cheap and free music.

Sci Fi on TV

By Aye Jaye. Music Reporter.

The prime English TV channels BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 have all been criticised for their lack of Sci Fi programmes. BBC have Doctor Who which has now become unwatchable. The other prime freeview channels show none at all!

In the golden years of TV Sci Fi the BBC made Quatermas, Out of the unknown, Dr Who, Blakes Seven, Tripods and Space Cops. They also showed the American Star Trek series,  Star Trek, DS9, Voyager, plus Farscape and X Files.

Channel 4 had Star Trek Enterprise and  Stargate SG1.

ITV showed American Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Lost In Space.

The late great Gerry Andersons series Fireball XL5, Supercar, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO, Space 1999 and Terrahawks, were given the green light by  Sir Lew Grade who was a true  TV programme visionary that championed Sci Fi on TV.

Although popular with film goers Science Fiction does not look like returning to our TV screens. One reason is the cost compared with cheap reality shows, SF is too expensive.

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