Galactic Nighmare Prime

   Vinyl Double Album

'The stuff twisted dreams are made of''.

Record Collector magazine REISSUE OF THE MONTH review by Jason Draper.


‘Galactic Nightmare can take its rightful place alongside the extravagances of Jeff Wayn's War Of The Worlds'.


Wired Magazine review by Ken Hollings.

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‘As the cassette cover proudly proclaims, is nothing less than magnificent. Buy it’.

‘You can always trust Johnny Trunk to come up with the most obscure material from the soundtrack quarters’,

A double LP fantasy that is almost too good to be true’.

‘It could have been a cult classic. Alan attempted to create something epic and succeeded and it's good to see it being made available to a wider audience’. OMG

Amazon verified purchaser and top 100 review

‘This out of this world concept album is recommended’. Colin Speak


Amazon verified purchaser and reviewer.

‘this vinyl issue is nowt less than a priceless artefact of home-brewed interstellar entertainment, ranging from pulsing space disco themes to intrepid synthscapes’.[keywords]=galactic%20nightmare

‘An absolute gem of an album recently surfaced on Trunk Records’.

‘Galactic Nightmare is a totally unique recording, joyous in its attempt to create something absolutely epic’.

Record Collector magazine

Ken Hollings

Wired Magazine

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